Asset Management
Service Definition

Asset management refers to specialized management of surplus corporate financial resources. Assets can be invested in a variety of strategies in an effort to obtain the highest returns over a diverse range of risk levels, including fixed-income funds, stocks and securities, housing, gold and currency. For instance, surplus resource investment can be either generic or tailor-made based on specific needs and conditions of a client. In the form of asset management services, Didgahan Novin offers several tools such as investment funds, portfolio management and cash management.

Service Applications

Companies and individuals generally own certain surplus resources in the short and long run, which have been left unprofitable due to poor investment knowledge or excessive occupation. Asset management services can pave the way for you to get the best specialized services in surplus resource management.

Service Terms

Didgahan Novin offers the most common tools available in Iran to manage your assets effectively. Such a wide range of tools used in asset management will not limit services for companies and individuals. It is simply the level of financial resources, risk, and expected returns determining the tools to be used.

Why Didgahan Novin?

The major advantage in asset management service provided by Didgahan Novin can be found in the company’s in-depth insight into economic activities in Iran, along with communications built between our senior executives and practitioners of the capital market supported by a good understanding of market trend.

  • Our Experience in Asset Management

    In recent years, Didgahan Novin has been managing “Didgahan Mutual Fund”. In addition to public funds, Didgahan Novin is managing investment portfolios dedicated for a number of companies and individuals.

  • Advantages of Asset Management in Didgahan Novin

    Engagement of Didgahan Novin in providing a wide range of financial consultation services on a broad geographical range has brought about a deep understanding of economic activities throughout Iran. This advantage has mainly contributed to identification of capital market trends in the country and the behavior of main market actors.

  • For More Information

    For more information, you can contact Mr. Sanei, Investment Manager at Didgahan Novin.

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