Supply of Pharmaceutical Holding Pharmaceutical Blessings in the first half of February
News 2017/01/29

Pharmaceutical holding is a blessing with a capital of 3,400 billion Rials in the areas of development and transfer of know-how, commercialization of technologies and pharmaceuticals (from active ingredients to the final product), commercial services (export, import and distribution) in the field of pharmaceuticals And other support services. Following the referendum meeting on December 28 this year, it is ready to launch 10% of its stock on the second market in the first half of February. It is worth mentioning that the holding, owned by 58% of the Alborz Investment Company.

Net profit of each share at the end of fiscal year 1394 This holding has been reported at 267 rials. Also, for the fiscal year of 1395, a profit of 280 rials per share has been forecast.

It seems that according to the appropriate portfolio in the field of medicine, this share will be welcomed by the capital market.