Basic analysis of Gol Gohar Industrial and Mineral Industries
Article 2016/12/02

در این گزارش خلاصه ای از اطلاعات کلیدی شرکت معدنی و صنعتی گلگهر ارائه شده است.

Golghor Co. has been active in minerals rich in iron ore as one of the mines’ exploration and exploitation holes in our country and has entered the stock market with the symbol “Kegel”. The company’s most important products include iron and pellet concentrates, which are used in steel production. The capital of the “Kegel” company is 30 trillion rials and about 25 percent of the company’s products are exported. With the flourishing of global markets and rising prices for products, the profit of each share of Golghar Company is forecasted to be 266 rials in 1395, and due to the appropriate mid-range coverage, there is expected to increase profits in the coming years. Of course, decreasing financial ratios and lower predictions about the cost of products may make it difficult for the company to profit.

The profit of each share of Golghar Company in 1395 is 266 Rials and due to the appropriate interim coverage, we expect to increase profit in the coming years.

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